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Monday, 29 October 2012

Pru̇tshun Chhum (I Will Ask) - by Nadim

English transliteration:

Pru̇tshun Chhum

Dapaan poory kiny gash lȯg baashi karane
Siyaah bakhtanu̇y mwokhta daamaana barane
Amaa aav panjaran yi maa bar mu̇tsarane
Nabas pyaṭh khasun chum sitaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Tsȧṭith seena baalan pakun tshaala maaran
Palan baaj hyath baaj dyun kohasaaran
Chhu kus shok aabas andar graayi maaran
Mė anahȧrshyanu̇y aabshaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Kasund khooni armaan chhu baalaadaryan manz
Kasund guma chhu larzaan paaṅ tsaadaryan manz
Kasund rath chuu zotaan vunyi hee tharyan manz
Nishaatan pru̇tshun shaalamaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Chhi kȧmy khoon dith choonyi daamaana jȧrymu̇ty
Panun maaz dith saaz-o-saamaana gȧrymu̇ty
Tsȧṭith nam ta tsam kȧmy chhi durdaana gȧrymu̇ty
Vachhav talakyanu̇y mwokhtahaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Khayaalan pyaṭhu̇y ṭhaana kȯt taam rozan
Bėhyas kahar-o-toofaan kȯt taam rozan
Shȯngith myaȧny armaan kȯt taam rozan
Ti magroor sarmaayidaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Jamhooruk hishar aasi yas sholanaavun
Avaamuk bajar aasi thazi shaayi thaavun
Pazyaa shok tas aḍvate nyėndri saavun
Mazooran pru̇tshun kaashkaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Zaras bosh zardaaranu̇y raaj rozyaa
Tsharyan lori kuṭnan saras taaj rozyaa
Akis tsȯr ta hur byaakh mȯhtaaj rozyaa
Vachhas pyaṭh khȧsith taajdaaran pru̇tshun chhum

Chhi aki shaayi dolat ta hashmat ta raahat
Ta bėyo shaayi nȧny tan tsharyar phaaka gȯrbat
Chhi kami shaayi tim hyath kalamdaani gaȧrat
Adeeban ta fankaar yaaran pru̇tshun chhum

English translation:

I Will Ask

Rumours are the light in East is lisping
With jewels the dark robes of downtrodden filling
Is it that the doors to cages are opening?
I will climb heaven and of stars I will ask.

Cleaving bosoms of hills, dancing and diving
Taking tribute from boulders, to mountains giving
Which desire in water is that in waves is moving?
This of the virgin waterfalls I will ask.

Whose dead desires the pavilions are containing
Whose sweat in terraced streams is raining
Whose blood in jasmine flowers is shining?
Of the Nishats and Shalimar gardens I will ask.

Who has given blood and with rubies hems has lined
And with his flesh these garments has fashioned
Rending his skin and nails these jewels has polished?
Of the pearl necklaces adorning breasts I will ask.

Remain lids upon free thoughts will how long
Linger unstirred tumultuous storms will how long
Stay slumberous my aspirations will how long?
This of the haughty rich I will ask.

Equality of democracy he who has to upkeep
Mightiness of masses he who has to high keep
Should mid-way his desires he let fall asleep?
Of the labourers and the farmers I will ask.

Can grain-greedy goldsmith’s rule last forever
Can the turban on an empty stick be hoist forever
One has spare and surplus, can other fast forever?
Standing on their chests, the crown-bearers I will ask.

In one place are wealth and pride and pleasure
In other nakedness, emptiness, poverty and hunger
In which place do they with pens of self-respect dither?
Of my artist and poet friends I will ask.

Translation © Sualeh Keen

About the poet: Dina Nath ‘Nadim’ (1916-1988) was influenced by the freedom movement and the heroism of Bhagat Singh, by Iqbal and Chakbast, T.S. Eliot, Mayakovsky and Gorky, Josh and Ehsan Danish. Arrested during Sheikh Abdullah’s national struggle in 1938, and all his poems were seized by the police and destroyed. Won prestigious awards and held top positions in various artistic, educational and pacifist organisations. The most significant and innovative poets of his times, his entire career as a poet is linked with the political developments in Kashmir and to write about him is to write about the progressive movement in Kashmir.

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