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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I Wonder - by Sualeh Keen

I wrote this poem in 1996 as a response to the almost daily death of civilians, caught in a crossfire between militants and security forces. That portions of the poem are still relevant today means something is seriously wrong in Kashmir and the way it has been handled. Let us hope the vicious circle of violence breaks and peace prevails in the valley.

The 'mountain' is a collage of the dead victims of Kashmiri militants.

I Wonder

I wonder.
Who are the casualties?
Who are all those people in the bus when
The bomb explodes in the summer heat?
Where do they want to go?
Where did they come from?
Or are they returning to where they came from?
Is it some far-flung area?
Do a few of them carry valuable luggage
For sister daughter's marriage?
I wonder.
Who are those greying people who listen
To the radio news and static?
Who are those people carrying polythene bags
And getting shot in crossfire?
What was the name and parentage
Of the school boy whose murder
Resulted in classes being called off for one day
In 1989?
Who are all the people still attending
Political convocations?
Who are these stupid people
Who gather protesting in the streets?
And who are those stupid people
Who do not?
Am I alive, I wonder.
Who the hell are these
Casualties, statistics?
What is the score today?

© Sualeh Keen

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